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Jul 13th 2017

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LED Clock Build Part 1

3D print your own LED clock!
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Learn how to make your own 3D clock design along with how to program and power an Arduino!
Project Summary
We're going to use a WS2812 LEDs, an Arduino Nano and a RTC to create a clock that represents the time in a 24-hour format.
3. Arduino Nano ~$3
4. Tiny RTC ~$1 (in 5pk)
5. 2 x UBEC ~$5
9. Push Buttons (x3) .35 (in 20pk)
10. Diodes (x2) ~$2
11. Jumper Leads ~$3
Total Price: ~$46
3D Printed Parts for Download
3D Printed parts
1. LED Ring Assembly
2. Ring Frame
3. LED x9 Holder (x2)
4. LED x6 Holder
5. LED x2 Holder
6. LED x9 Back (x2)
7. LED x6 Back
8. LED x2 Back
9. LED x9 Diffuser (x2)
10. LED x6 Diffuser
11. LED x2 Diffuser
12. LED Ring Diffuser
13. Frame Cable Channel Cover
14. LED Ring Frame posts (x2)
15. LED Ring Frame Cover
16. LED Clock Base
17. Base Channel Cover
18. Left Column Cap
19. Right Column Cap
20. Base Cover
21. Base Buttons
1. Soldering Kit
2. Wire Strippers/Snips
3. Dremel Tool (or sandpaper)

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