MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

Aug 25th 2020

MacBreak Weekly 728

Shake 'n Bake and Rice-a-Roni

Apple vs. Epic, Tim Cook's 9th Anniversary, Floating Apple Store Sphere
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Apple vs. Epic, Tim Cook's 9th Anniversary, Floating Apple Store Sphere

  • Apple vs. Epic: judge splits the baby Solomonically.
  • Apple vs. Epic: What is the solution?
  • Apple vs. WordPress: honest mistake, or demands for a vig?
  • From banning apps for bad reasons to poor communication with developers, Apple has many things to fix on the App Store.
  • Tim Cook starts his 10th year as Apple CEO
  • Zuckerberg is whispering in Trump's ear about the evils of TikTok
  • Apple builds the first floating Apple Store in Singapore
  • iOS Public Beta 6 is coming out soon
  • Final Cut Pro update brings social media improvements
  • Apple updates iMovie with new soundtracks and filters
  • Big Sur Beta improvements
  • The future of virtualization looks like gamer nirvana
  • Apple makes some new acquisitions in the AR space
  • Apple announces Apple Music radio
  • AppleTV + Kiera Knightly = The Essex Serpent
  • Lightroom Bug deletes users' photos
  • The best of the Met Opera online
  • The Mousketeers at Walt Disney World is 1977 in its purest form
  • The Star Wars Christmas Special is unwatchably hilarious 

Picks of the Week:

  • Leo's Pick: Aerial 2
  • Andy's Pick: Fênetre
  • Rene's Pick: Final Cut Pro
  • Lory's Pick: Nomad Base Station Pro

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