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Oct 27th 2020

MacBreak Weekly 737

Emmy Drenched

iPad Air Review, Apple Silicon Macs, AirTags
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Category: News

iPad Air Review, Apple Silicon Macs, AirTags

  • iPhone 12 teardown
  • iPad Air review: we can't tell the difference between last year's iPad Pro and this.
  • Can you trust influencer reviews? 
  • A billion iPhone users
  • iPhone 12 is less breakable but still breakable
  • iPhone 12 Pro Lidar can measure your height
  • In India, tariffs make the iPhone is so expensive that it's cheaper to fly to Dubai to buy it
  • Apple Silicon Macs will be announced on November 17th (we think)
  • Prosser says AirTags coming in November
  • Amazon kills Apple Card payments - is it just a bug? 
  • 'It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown' free to watch on any Apple device on Halloween; anyone who doesn't have an Apple device is SOL
  • AppleTV+ news: Bill Murray, The Velvet Underground, Scarlett Johansson, and Bond
  • If you hit your Apple Watch daily Move goal 2000 times in a row, it will swear at you. 


Picks of the Week:

  • Andy's Pick: Reeder 5 
  • Lory's Pick: The Witches (2020) 
  • Rene's Pick: Halide Mark II

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