Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson - Security Now

Feb 4th 2020

Security Now 752

The Little Red Wagon

Hacking Google Traffic, Avast Jumpshot
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Category: Help & How To

This Week's Stories:

  • - L1D Eviction Sampling becomes “CacheOut”
  • - Only one final version of Windows?
  • - Windows 7 and the Free Software Foundation
  • - Windows 7's final patch broke wallpaper stretching
  • - RCE Exploit for Windows RDP Gateway Demoed by Researcher
  • - Google more than doubles its own bug bounty record
  • - The return of Roskomnadzor!
  • - Facebook DID get fined, but not by Russia
  • - who exactly owns our biometric data?
  • - Avast Jumpshot missed the hoop
  • - An Update on the WireGuard VPN in the Linux kernel
  • - In this week's Best Hack of the New Decade... a little red wagon

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