Tech News Weekly

Nov 5th 2020

Tech News Weekly 158

How the Election Shapes Uber & Lyft

Prop 22, Tech Stocks, Amazon's Rural Delivery Plans
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Category: News

The stock market is reacting to the election and we take a closer look at tech stocks. California's Proposition 22 has passed; what does that mean for app-based drivers and the rest of the country? Amazon may be planning to tackle rural deliveries by way of its "Wagon Wheel" project.

First, Alex Wilhelm of TechCrunch joins Jason and Mikah to talk about how the election has affected tech stocks. Tech stocks are up at the moment — will they stay that way?

Then, Jason and Mikah ask Alex to stick around to discuss California's Proposition 22. The proposition, which passed, affects app-based drivers and may have a bigger impact on app-based tech jobs across the country and the rest of the world.

Lastly, The Information's Paris Martineau stops by to talk about the latest delivery plans from Amazon. The company appears to be tackling last-mile delivery to rural locations.

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