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Nov 11th 2020

This Week in Google 585

Suggestive Uses for Whipped Cream

TikTok to Trump: What's Up?
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Category: News

TikTok to Trump: What's Up?

  • Amazon Halo Band impressions
  • Eric Schmitt applies to be a citizen of Cyprus
  • Google trials light-based internet in Africa
  • Facebook, Google, and Twitter extend political ad bans to the detriment of Georgia
  • reMarkable 2 E-ink tablet first impressions - a beautiful, useless tablet
  • TikTok wants to know if Trump still wants to ban them
  • EU sues Amazon over Antitrust
  • Bye-bye, Ajit Pai
  • Zoom settles with FTC over encryption
  • Zoom stock tumbles with virus news
  • Tim Berners-Lee's Inrupt releases Solid privacy platform
  • Slingbox shutting servers down
  • Chipotle is opening an online order-only restaurant
  • Pope Francis urges followers to pray that AI and robots will always serve mankind


  • Picks of the Week
  • Leo's Tool: Curious Elixirs
  • Stacey's Thing: Ghia
  • Jeff's Stuff: NYT digital revenue tops print for the first time
  • Ant's Stuff: If You Can't Afford Adobe Audition, Get Izotope for $100 off
  • Ant's Stuff 2: Dream of Italy (ep #2)

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