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Hands-On Photography 62

Photographers' Go-to Tips

Hands-On Photography 62
Steve Brazill, radial filter

This Week in Google 595

Welcome to the Fetaverse

This Week in Google 595
POTUS transition on Twitter, Brave adds IPFS, Bernie mitten memes

Hands-On Tech 125

The C64 'Maxi' Review

The C64 'Maxi' Review - Full-Sized Commodore 64 Replica
Full-Sized Commodore 64 Replica

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TWiT is an acronym for This Week in Tech, our marquee technology podcast featuring roundtable discussions with top tech journalists. podcasts cover tech from every imaginable angle. You can find a tech podcast for Android lovers, Apple and iPhone enthusiasts, and Enterprise IT pros. Listen to our podcasts on Windows deep-dives, cybersecurity, IoT, open-source, and Google. You’ll find reviews on smartphones and laptops, recommendations on the best apps, plus help and how-tos with your tech questions.

Listen, learn, and laugh as our tech experts discuss and share perspectives. Leo Laporte is well known as The Tech Guy and leads This Week in Tech. Jason Howell hosts All About Android and Tech News Weekly. Mikah Sargent shares his iOS and IoT expertise on iOS Today, Tech News Weekly, and Smart Tech Today. Ant Pruitt brings his unique voice to This Week in Google and Hands-On Photography. Our podcasts are in both audio and video formats, are free, and ad-supported. Subscribe to your next favorite podcast here.

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