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Aug 25th 2020

iOS Today 513

Track Your Environment With iOS

Awair Home, Sh**t! I Smoke, and more.
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Category: Reviews

Leo & Mikah show you the apps you need to keep track of your air quality, pollen levels, temperature, humidity, and more.

  • Track your environment: Awair Home, Plume Labs, My Pollen Forecast Pro, Sh**t! I Smoke, Carrot Weather, PurpleAir
  • News: The latest judgments in the ongoing battle between Apple and Epic. Apple and WordPress iron out the details of its free iOS app.
  • Listener feedback: The complicated case of the iPhone 8. Why FOREVER stamps are crossed out. A replacement for AirPods Pro ( How to unsubscribe from blogs in Reeder.
  • Mikah's App Cap: THE {} AND
  • Leo's App Cap: Hello Neighbor

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