MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte

Oct 6th 2020

MacBreak Weekly 734


Hi, Speed! iPhone 12 Event Preview
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Hi, Speed! iPhone 12 Event Preview

  • Leo got an invitation to the iPhone 12 event on October 30th!
  • Is it time to buy a 5G phone yet? (NOOO!)
  • What else will Apple announce on October 13th? Apple TV Express? A more powerful Apple TV? 
  • Are Air Tags coming on October 13th? 
  • Tim Cook Tweets out in honor of the 9th anniversary of Steve Jobs' death
  • Apple's T2 chip vulnerable to attack
  • Macs without a T2 chip won't play 4K Netflix
  • The leaked AirPod Studio headphones look u-l-g-y
  • HomePod Mini on the way? Will Siri improve
  • RIP Eddie Van Halen
  • HomePods compete with wearables
  • What is Apple's most important gift to society? Not what you might think.
  • Are AppleTV+'s new offerings enough to keep you around once your free year is up? 

Picks of the Week

  • Leo's Pick: EtreCheck
  • Andy's Pick: Online Mail-In Ballot Trackers
  • Rene's Pick: Up Spell
  • Lory's Pick: PeakLife360 Pulse Oximeter

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